When the cool breeze blows on you making you to know the peace within and also when the warm air brings you joy and you relaxed, when you eaten and satisfied with fresh water quenching your test, when its raining or snowing and you are well covered with cloths and sheltered under roofed house, know a lot of people especially children and women are out there with no food, sick due to lack of drinkable water with no medical attention, out in the cold with no good wears or no cloths at all and shelter is problem for them. That’s where PaulπŸ’Freeman Int’l F🌏undation-PFiF RC115718 comes in. We stand in the gap for the less privileged and those facing challenges in life, for example those involved in crisis of war and those due to natural disasters.

PaulπŸ’Freeman Int’l F🌏undation-PFiF RC115718 also trains and provide career opportunities for the youths and as many that can be reached.

We can not stand alone, be part of us wherever you are with your prayers and resources and PaulπŸ’Freeman Int’l F🌏undation-PFiF RC115718 would channel it to the right source.

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