Since 2018 Paul💝Freeman Int'l F🌏undation-PFiF RC115718 have been up and running... Non stop

We are a holistic welfare NGO – multipurpose. We are a friend to the friendless, our ultimate passion is to wipe  tears! Salvaging the vulnerable world though sacrificial love and selfless service. Our goal is to bring a positive impact to these eight spheres of human influence namely; Family, Religion, Health, Education, Economy, Government, Media and Traditions/Cultures.

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Are you lost in despair? Are you in search of hope? Do you want to start living meaningfully? Are you willing to serve God and humanity? Are you in pains and suffering? Then know that Paul💝Freeman Int’l F🌏undation-PFiF RC115718 loves and cares about you. Please join us today.

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