🔥💝🔥Dear Esteemed PFiF Family/Friends

🌳 Dear Esteemed PFiF Family/Friends,

Paul💝Freeman Int’l F🌍undation (PFiF) RC:115718
A Holistic Welfare NGO-Multipurpose

… salvaging the vulnerable world through sacrificial love & selfless service.



By Paul Freeman ✍️

(2021 PFiF Annual Praise Report~)

For thou, O God, hast proved us: thou hast tried us, as silver is tried. Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water: but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place (Psalms 66:10-12KJV).

🌻 Trials Precede Triumphs

It’s no longer fake news that life is a land of trials and an island of temptations. Every viable vision is subject to be tried in the furnace of fire and the crucible of hard life. That’s what certifies the authenticity of any living vision that could impact the world. If it must survive the scourge of tongue and escape enemies onslaught, then, the refining fire must first kindle upon it. Some promising vision(s) struggled to survive, others merely exist, while others were submerged in the billows and valleys of life. A few stays alive and healthy enough for an expected escalation of their mandates on earth. But it will never be said of a heavenly originated vision that, ‘it emerges, suddenly becomes dumb and remains silent forever’, it must speak some day. So, I stay here with it until its migration into a louder sound to the hearing of the whole world!(Habakkuk 2:1-3). Like Martin Luther King of a blessed memory, roared his popular slogan centuries ago, _”I have a dream…!” So have_ I.

🌻Why Babies Cry At Birth

Isn’t it a mystery that, every new born baby must cry in the labour(‘favour’) room as its first welcome excercise to this world? Have you ever wondered why they weep this uncontrollably at birth? By divine revelation, this truth is not farfetched. Believe me, every little child is a born prophet from its mother’s womb and its wailing at birth is simply a proclamation of regret and reality of life; that it just arrived into a hostile world and battlefields of trials and temptations to face. That’s, the newborn is quite aware of the unfortunate features of the future awaiting it in the lifelong journey, which must be undertaken. Instinctively, it’s amazing how little kids can be so sensitive to discern their new environments, strange moods and even moves of people with negative spirit. They could easily avoid such negative person(s) yet indiscernible to their parents. I’m so sure of this as a retired baby. So, always be inquisitive about their moods. So, newborns do cry out of their intuitions about the future.

🌻Both The Lofty And The Lowly Fight

From the Presidents of the most powerful nations of the world to the common vulnerable destitutes on the streets of life, everyone wept this way at birth. Indicating that, none is spared from the Battles of life.

Factually, there are two kinds of battles of life, namely; the forces that must come against you and the forces you must contend against in the battles of your destiny (Deuteronomy 2:24-25; 2Chronicles 20:1-20). But one can resolve not to become a victim but a victor. Decide today and choose not to continue in the regretable cry from birth to death; for life is a world of wide choices to make.

Greatness is as real as the great battles that precede it. The greater your destiny, the fiercer your battles; the more colourful your vision, the more horrible your warfare/adversaries. Isn’t this the reason why the innocent baby prophet who sees into the unfortunate future cries foul from the book of Job chapter 5? And the baby prophet wept bitterly; _”Yet man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward…”( Job 5: 6-9; John 22:41-44)._
But a huge thanks to God for, “…in all these things we are more than conquerors through him (Christ) who hath loved us…”(Romans 8:37-39KJV emphasis mine).

🌻 Vision Is Fragile

From the vision of Joseph the dreamer to the failed lofty ministry of Samson the mighty man of valour; and uniquely, the triumphant Vision/Mission of our Lord Jesus Christ, one would but learn some salient lessons that; life’s vision or destiny is like a fragile pregnancy with every possibility to either deliver on course or abort in the cause of its voyage, if carelessness is in place. The choice is based on personal decision, determination, desire, discipline, demand, doggedness and desperation to succeed in life’s journey of destiny and come what may.

🌻Divine Vision-Divine Victory

This is a commanding voice of the Lord of hosts from Psalm 110:1-7 to everyone who’s vision is of the Lord, “sit down at my right hand until I make thy enemies thine footstool…rule thou in the midst of thine enemies…”we will always rule in the midst of principalities and powers, rulers of darkness. And every devil and his agents will be helplessly defeated before our very face.

A wise man once said, _”Vision is discovering a purpose, pursuing it and sticking or staying true to it”(emphasis mine)._ That’s the secret grace of the game of success!

🌻 Vision Has Parents

As I continue to study the mysteries behind the life and exploits of our past/present fathers of faith; the likes of Demos Shakariah of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, Lauren Cunningham of Youth With A Mission(YWAM-University of the Nations), Mother Theresa, Pa Joseph Ayo Babalola of CAC, Papa Enoch Adeboye, Papa David Oyedepo, Papa David Ibiyeomie, Daddy Paul Enenche and many others, who birthed vision, borne its burden to the limelight, the voice of my hope echoes within my little heart–‘you too can make it someday, keep running. Stay strong and sooner or later you will definitely be a winner of your vision race’. _’I have a_ _dream’…!_
_Putting it in a better way in line with this, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin of a blessed memory said, “You have a particular race that God has set before you to run. It’s a spiritual race that has to do with the divine destiny God has plan for you to fulfill”._

🌻 Vision Is A Tender Toddler

PFiF VISION as a four year old baby, since its inception in June 30, 2018 is not exempted from these trends of trials, temptations and triumphs. The year 2021 indeed posed threatening challenges to its existence and fulfillment. However, to the glory of God, each chapter of this divine vision has recorded tangible divine supports and undeniable prevailing grace from my Heavenly Father-our Source.

🌻 Infant Stage; A fighting Stage

Mind you, the most deadly attacks of the enemy is at the infant stage of every great venture in life; Pharaoh ordered the killings of every male child from zero to two years of age just when Moses the deliverer was born.

Herod, at the time of Jesus’ supernatural birth at Bethlehem also declared a merciless massacre against the children-kingdom within the same fragile age range-zero to two (Exodus 1:16-22; Matthew 2:16-22). And Rachel wept her eyes out for the lost of her children and refused to be comforted.

This is one of the mysteries behind painful miscarriages, stillbirths, children mortalities etc. Sadly to mention here is that, thousand lives can go as scapegoats/ ransoms for the sake of just one of such deliverers as the case may be. In every generation, family, community and even in a nation, no deliverer/saviour is born quietly; the kingdoms of Herods, Pharoahs and the stargazers will be troubled by tremor that would hit the planet earth as a celestial sign of such strange birth(s).

🌻 The Strange Birth Of An Apostolic Colossus

In 1904, the earth witnessed such a mysterious birth of one of our apostolic fathers of revival in Nigeria known as Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola, founder of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC). The history has it that prior to his birth, the parents were surrounded by a deadly burning bush, an inferno that almost consume them with his pregnancy but they supernaturally escaped. It was said that his birth which occurred on _”25th April, 1904 was accompanied by a portentous elemental vibrations, as they heard the sound of mighty thunder from above and which reverberated from the East to the West and shaking of the firmament. Seven days later he was named Joseph Ayo Babalola, a name that would go with him and distinguish him from every member of the family as the only child who would not bear the Rotimi family name”( ‘The Story of Ayo Babalola’-Moses Oludele Idowu, 2012)._ This is to confirm that, deliverers and revival colossus don’t arrive and exit the earth quietly but with some strange celestial signs that could terrorize and attract the hostility of hell.

🌻 The Unbeatable Timeless Truth

The devil doesn’t know everything but at least he is not a novice. He knows what to do to quickly eliminate such rival terror before hand, if unguarded. Deliverers, as individuals or organizations are the dreaded targets of the enemy because of their key positions and missions to humanity and against the hordes of hell _(“…Herod and all Jerusalem with him were troubled…” see Matt._ 2:1-5)* How I wish the sons of men realize this timeless truth!

_Adversaries threathened, ‘Joseph, do you really want to rule over us? Let’s see what becomes of you!’_

Any crisis that draws you closer to the God of solutions is a good problem. To the glory of God, this is our humble and living testimony in PFiF.

As beautifully remarked by Pastor David Ibiyeomie in his book, ‘The Power of Vision’, _”a man of vision cannot be confused by any devil”._ This confirms that God has the power to turn everything for the good of the visionary. The devil may throw up some unholy smokes of confusion but God gives the light of direction out of it all. This is where we are in PFiF. All glory to Jesus!

🌻 Vision is Divinity In Partnership With Humanity…

Despite all odds, we have every reason to bring our praise report in honour of our Almighty God, the originator of the vision. And by extension, it’s our little way of acknowledging and appreciating all our esteemed members and patient partners who persevered with us through the tough year 2021 in arrears.
No one can successfully run a vision all alone. So, a world renown leadership expert John Maxwell supported it this way; ” _You must find a way to get your vision seen, implemented and contributed to by others_ “.

So, we sincerely appreciate all of our esteemed PFiF Family/Friends.

All Glory/Honour To Our Heavenly Father

More importantly, we deem it fit to acknowledge the good hand of God upon us in Paul Freeman Int’l Foundation-PFiF and all her arms in these our few young years of operation; He has done all things well;👇

In 2021, our beautifully interactive official website was freely designed, hosted and launched by our ICT Director from our Makurdi, Benue State office, in the person of Bro. Alex Alechenu.

Please for more details, feel free to visit: www.paulfreemaninternationalfoundation.org.

The Port Harcourt first group of widows/Orphans who benefited from our skill acquisition/empowerment project in 2019 were graciously empowered in two batches; first batch of about 30 women who were trained in catering/computer appreciation in October 2021. While the Second batch of about 500 widows drawn from different parts of Rivers State by a Port Harcourt base NGO-Caring Foundation Inc. founded by Dr./Dr(Mrs) Okafor were joyfully empowered by Paul Freeman International Foundation (PFiF) on her special annual end of the year thanksgiving celebration program in December 4, 2021.

By His grace, PFiF Reading Club/E-Library (Live/Online) which was launched by divine direction during the sudden COVID-19 outbreak has being a tremendous blessing to a lot of people both our Local/Foreign members genuinely connected via our social media platforms. Thousands of life transforming daily devotionals/e-books are available here for anyone to enjoy for personal and spiritual development.

Join PFiF READING CLUB-E-LIBRARY using this link; https://chat.whatsapp.com/D67wub3JOyZAFqpCpaMOgk

Join PFiF READING CLUB-E-LIBRARY on Telegram; https://t.me/pfifonlinereadingclubelibrary

Our business arm-PFiF Global Resources Limited which was launched in 2020 marking our 2nd year Anniversary as a humanitarian friendly company has been graciously growing to the glory of God.

Once again, it’s our pleasure to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our highly valued friends and partners in progress in this order;

🎯Caring Foundation Inc. Port Harcourt

🎯Zion Educational Systems International, Port Harcourt

🎯All our Board of Directors/Staff/Stakholders/Social Media platform Administrators in Diasporas.

🎯And to you following, praying, supporting behind the scene.

We so much value you and your continuous supports.

🌻 Be Ready The King is Coming
As we approach the second coming of our Master Jesus, the Lord is beginning to stir up our spirit for a brand new face of this great commission, demanding us to do more by going some extra miles. So, make yourself available for His endtime mega and extraordinary exploits. He will use us if we allow Him.

Please find attached some of the photo galleries of this praise report. Accept our sincere apologies for this delayed annual praise report due to some technical hitches. All is now restored. Thank you for your patience.
You can also visit our website for more details; www.paulfreemaninternationalfoundation.org.

🌻 Let Us Touch The World And Wipe Tears Together;

NB: For donations of CASH, CLOTHINGS, FOODSTUFFS, MEDICATIONS, HUMANITARIAN GIFT ITEMS FOR PFiF OUTREACHES ETC. (We have a long list of Widows/Widowers/Orphans always calling us for feeding and loving care).
Please contact;+2347038853700, +2349033888507.
Our bank details: Sterling Bank Account: 0062218813, Paul Freeman–
May the covenant blessings of Psalms 41 answer to all our partners and donors in Jesus’ name. Amen.

🌻 Until You’re Saved You’re Not Safe

NB: Repentance is a necessity; forgiveness for sin is also a necessity; the Salvation of your soul has no substitute. Accept Jesus and confess Him as your Lord and personal Saviour now. Until you are saved you are not safe. Jesus is coming soon “Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else”(Isaiah 45:22KJV).

🎁Watch-out for Annual PFiF Firecarnival (PFiF FireFestival 2022-4th year Anniversary).
Date: Tue28-Thur30/06/2022.
Venue: To be announced later.

👉Long Live Paul Freeman Int’l Foundation-PFiF!
👉Long Live PFiF Reading Club-E-Library (Live/Online)!
👉Long Live PFiF Global Resources Ltd!
👉Long Live PFiF Global Mobile Market (Online/Live-Sales/Advertising Agents)!
👉Long Live PFiF Fashion Factory!
👉Long Live PFiF Lovevoice Magazine!
👉Long Live PFiF FireFestival (FireCarnival)!
👉Long Live Ekklesia!
👉Long Live Nigeria!

Happy New Month With Love From Us at PFiF!🎼

Many thanks and blessings🙏
For; PFiF *,
Paul Freeman

Paul Freeman and Queenie Freeman widows out reach
Paul Freeman and Queenie Freeman widows out reach


Queenie Freeman giving to a widow
PFiF- RC115718 Windows Out Reach

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