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Paul💝Freeman Int'l F🌍undation-PFiF RC115718

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Paul💝Freeman Int'l F🌏undation-PFiF RC115718

We are a holistic welfare NGO – multipurpose. We are a friend to the friendless, our ultimate passion is to wipe tears! Salvaging the vulnerable world through sacrificial love and selfless service. Our goal is to bring a positive impact to these eight spheres of human influence namely; Family, Religion, Health, Education, Economy, Government, Media and Traditions/Cultures.

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Paul💝Freeman Int'l F🌏undation-PFiF RC115718 Cares

PFiF Holistic Prison Outreach to Port Harcourt Maximum Prisons. Paul💝Freeman Int’l F🌏undation-PFiF RC115718  cares even when the forgotten are not remembered


Free and paid skills acquisition by professionals and volunteers, for more details please Contact Us

PFiF Holistic welfare reaching out to feed the less privileged. Its Paul💝Freeman Int’l F🌏undation-PFiF RC115718 passion to put smiles on the face and food on the table of the less privileged 

Giving hope to the hopeless and putting smiles on the faces of the less privileged is humanity... Join Paul💝Freeman Int'l F🌏undation-PFiF RC115718 today, the much or little you give will go a long way to save a life